Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Family news and blog update

My computer is still dead, and I can't blog from my small tablet.

Lolo has a new hearing aide.

The mangy dog from the farm is recovering from his malnutrition but still is mangey, and can't understand why he remains in isolation.

There is a small mouse in the office, and Ruby's  new kitten hasn't caught it yet. Too young I guess. Sigh. We used to have "Precious" our gender confused tom cat catch mice, but he disappeared about a year ago. Two of the three kittens here look just like him, so maybe he left a legacy for us.

And I am ignoring politics, since Obama is prefering to go around the constitution instead of compromising with those who oppose his policies. Heh. Looks like he is taking lessons from Marcos.

And now the president lauds abortion as a way for women to follow our dreams...
Sorry, fellah, but I am one who would prefer to walk away from Omelas....

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