Friday, January 10, 2014

Family news

None of the conspiracy theories will hurt us here: We have enough problems with typhoons, floods and Dengue fever (and reports of Chininuka fever)  and now,  to make things worse, we are in the midst of a Measles epidemic.

Chano and Joy are headed with the family to a business meeting in Manila, and Ruby went along to visit her cousin. Since she homeschools, she can study in the car.

So we are alone.

The bad news is that one of our small kitties has a partial paralysis of his legs...He was mauled by Papa dog two days ago, so it might be edema of the spinal cord from this injury, or maybe he got mauled again yesterday and I didn't notice (they are of the age when they start to wander and they jump off the counter where we feed them, or run out of the bathroom where we keep them when you open the door)...Sigh. No, I am not taking it to the vet to spend 1000 pesos for an x ray, since there is no treatment: It will either get better or he will die. Sigh. His brother, the ugly one, seems fine...

Lolo is doing well, but we persuaded him to let the driver take food to the dogs at the farm, since it is quite hot in the afternoon. Since he was bored, he bathed his mangy dog and almost got bit. Oh well...

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