Monday, January 06, 2014

Family news

The Three Kings fiesta is today.

Last night, they had a big party in the center city square, complete with a lot of lovely fireworks...

The dogs didn't like the fireworks, however, and when I came back to the bedroom, I couldn't find any dogs there: Because they were all hiding under Lolo's bed. This is not easy if you are a big Labrador like our killer watchdog George.

One of our sidelines was growing organic veggies, so now we are selling green salads locally as a sideline. Most salads are tasteless iceburg types; we sell them with mixed leaf lettuces that have some flavor but a shorter shelf life. Well, it keeps us in petty cash, which is nice since the typhoon destroyed the chicken farm (no rent now) and much of the rice crop (we had to find organic growers from other areas to help fill the Christmas orders, meaning that we didn't make a good profit this year).

Today is the parade, and then life will go back to normal.

However, in Manila, the big "Black Nazarene" procession will shut the town down later this week. Since this devotion reminds us that Christ suffered too, and understands our sufferings, there will probably be a larger crowd than usual, given the many disasters of the year.

And this being the Philippines, it wasn't until last week that the gov't discovered one of the nearby bridges might collapse. Sigh. This is the second year they gave that warning, and one of these days maybe they'll fix the bridge (it is due for repair in April)...

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