Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Family news

Angie had a party yesterday...we went in the evening, not lunchtime...only a few people left, mainly family.

The new "restobar" down the street was very noisy, on top of the noise from the party in the plaza...only a few fireworks last night.

At 3 am, I heard a dog whining in distress, and our dog Blackie desperatly trying to get out of the room...I went out and checked all our dogs (usually when I hear this, I find one has been accidentally locked in upstairs), and then checked the open sewer pipe across the street (a hole big enough for a child, goat or dog: a disaster waiting to happen) but never did find what dog was crying. Maybe a new puppy...but it means I've been up since 3 am...

It's cool but high humidity outside, so you feel hot and cold at the same time. Often, I run the airconditioner on "dehumidify" to help my allergies.

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