Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Family news

I had a bunch of articles to post, but the latest Firefox update still freezes, so I had to reboot my computer and lost the links.

None really important.

Oh well.

Sherlock season 3 is on: and although one is boring number two is much better: And funny: ROFL funny.... Quick: Before the copyright cops find it's there. LINK

We went to the mall to shop yesterday.

I bought Ruby the book of original Sherlock Holmes series for Christmas (my check just cleared, so I have spending money). I had it in the US in hard back but didn't bring it here because it's available as a free ebook on line (also audiobook at Librivox).

While at the mall, I also ordered a new pair of glasses: My old ones are scratched badly and although I have reading glasses for close work, I prefer to use bifocals most of the time.


Lolo is happy trying to cure the malnourished mangy farm dog he brought home to cure. Yesterday he tried to wash off the mange treatment and I ended up shouting loudly and arguing with him. No, we weren't fighting: He just can' hear, so I have to shout. And the print on the medicine bottle was too small for him to read.

His hearing is so bad that if I have something complicated to say, I write it down.
Alas, we don't have a lot of closed caption stuff here, and now even the headphones aren't loud enough to let him understand so he doesn't watch much TV except for sports, nature shows, and all those lovely ladies on "Fashion TV" (he is old, but not dead...)

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