Monday, January 13, 2014

It's not just in the Philippines

 BBC: Haiti remembers their earthquake that killed a quarter million people.

and this report(AFP/Gulf news) notes:

Opposition critics have attacked the government for failing to make better progress on rebuilding. The government says that a large portion of the estimated $381mn donated by governments and organisations the world over was spent on the post-earthquake emergency and not for reconstruction.
“We were lucky to have help from Venezuela. Most of our projects were accomplished with Venezuelan money. With slim means, we accomplished a lot of things,” Lamothe said, expressing hope that the international community would make good on its aid pledges.
He criticised the international community for failing to provide promised aid of nearly $9bn. “If the international community had fulfilled its commitment, we would have accomplished 10 times more than we have achieved,” Lamothe said. “We must continue to make the international community aware.

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