Tuesday, January 07, 2014

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Why the frigid temperatures and snow are caused by global warming.

related item: we just were told our veggie prices would go up because the mountain areas that grow them have had frost...

Yes, CSLewis fans, Eustace is a genuine name  more HERE.

and Medieval net remembers Eustace the Monk, Scourge of the seas.


the earliest portrayal of the Three Kings in art was in the third century.

FYI: Ever hike in the lovely woods in New England? well, they were once farmlands...


You know some people are worried about the "demographic collapse" of the west, but did you know about the demographic collapse of much of the Islamic world? 
Iran could be taken over by the growing Arab and Pakistani populations...

Add China and Japan to areas that will have negative population growth in the next century. (and even the Philippines has gone down to an average of three children per woman).

Then discuss if this is good or bad.

reading a novel changes your brain?

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