Friday, January 03, 2014

Stories below the fold

StrategyPage has a list of important stories you might have missed: From the successes in the war on terror to the war by the press and by regulations against the war on terror, to the internet wars, to the pork barrel politics that divert funds to unneed military projects.


TeaAtTrianon links to the story behind Snow White.

TYWKIWDBI reveals the links between butterflies and Lolita.

when I was in College, at the start of the sexual revolution, we were told that Lolita proved young girls were okay to seduce because they really wanted to...thereby justifying high school and college teachers preying  on their students. It wasn't until I read "Reading Lolita in Tehran" that I found women saw in it a different story...a sociopath who manipulated women...

no, I haven't read the novel: Mainly because I don't read a lot of novels: I prefer non fiction or sci-fi/fantasy stuff

Good news for the Philippines: LPG prices down. Most people cook with LPG gas, and when the price goes up, so does the asthma and lung infections in the poor....

Wall street bubble? We are waiting for the big baloon to burst, and even I suspect the high DowJones average is being manipulated by bigshots.

Luckily, my husband assured me that if I lived in the Philippines, we'd always have rice to eat...unless, as Chano worries, the Chinese decide to take the place over and pressure people to sell the farm land at basement prices so they can take over the farms.

For later reading: Freakonomics: What do you know about bitcoin and do you really care? A long discussion in the comment section...


BoingBoing reveals what Einstein and Szilard did in their spare time: invented a refrigerator.


Kili uses a composite recurve bow, and HeirsOfDurin blog explains what that means: it is smaller and carries a longer range, which is why the Mongol hoards used it to such an advantage.

and an essay on the "hot dwarves": Kili grows up, and Fili's love of Tauriel: that of a teenager for an older motherly woman, or maybe a "Nightingale" syndrome, where men fall in love with their nurses...




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