Monday, January 13, 2014

Stuff below the fold (plus rants)

Lots of stuff going on while you were being distracted by "bridgegate"

The Trouble with maids.

which is why the "class warfare" against the Duck dynasty backfired: Too many hard working people who are sick and tired of being demonized saw the "elites" dissing the very poor good old boys who got rich by hard work, and who dared to think they were equal.


Israel one, Iran zero.

serves them right for throwing out all their citizens of Jewish faith.

Ah, but Russia's influence is the spoiler: they need Iran to keep tabs on their terrorists so there is no terrorism at the Olympics. But they want NATO to stay in Afghanistan because a lot of the heroin from there goes to Russia (and Iran too).

 Not enough "hate" in the SI article?

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