Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Two minute hate alert,, plus rant

The two minute hate of the day is again against Catholics. Apparently a teacher at a Catholic high school decided to openly "marry" his boyfriend, and there is now a big protest by "students" that he was fired for breaking his contract to actually follow church teachings.


There is a backstory on this: it's not really about gay rights (although those cases are one way that the elites are bullying believers in the MSM in the last few weeks) recent years, there have been quite a few lawsuits against various church schools for not allowing adulterers, those using IVF, etc. to teach. (and not just against Catholic schools).

The Supreme Court case saying that church run schools have this freedom is HERE, and was whether or not a Lutheran, not a Catholic school, could dismiss a teacher who had become too disabled to teach, despite a law that forbids discrimination against the disabled.

But this kerfuffle is not about approving of homosexual lifestyles, but about forcing Catholic and other church institutions to go along with what society (or rather, the elites of society) wants them to do.

It's about abortion more than homosexual behavior, and it's about population control rather than sexual freedom. (which is why the Obama administration is bullying small countries like the Philippines to legalize easy divorce, sex ed that encourages premarital sex by teenagers as a human right, abortion, and free birth control in government clinics, i.e. under duress).

The main obstacle here is the Catholic church (because other christian churches can be divided, and many will never defend Catholics for any reason; and of course). And if you can't change the church, try to destroy her reputation by trumpeting 20 year old scandals that always happen to any institution, and if she still doesn't change, then try to secularize her institutions one by one.

that last part is in refer4ence to a certain "catholic" hospital that allowed an abortion for "health" reasons. The result: the nun who was excommunicated for allowing abortion, resulting in a similar hatefest (the hospital, by the way, is no longer Catholic, and the nun has since "repented")...

Ironically, there were experimental treatments for her disease that were not considered, and even then lung transplantation was an option. In other words, by doing the abortion, they not only allowed secular forces to take over the catholic hospital which was founded and supported by contributions for believers, but denied the woman a chance not only to keep her baby but to get the latest treatment for a rapidly fatal disease.

The real story is the Obama administration trying to tell the Little Sisters of the Poor that they take care of everyone so they are not allowed to follow the church's 2000 year tradition against contraception/abortion.

These sisters are a lot harder to smear than fat bishops living in expensive homes, but the LATimes and other MSM are trying their best to do so....just a little signature and you will be left alone...

The Duke of Norfolk: Oh confound all this. I’m not a scholar, I don’t know whether the marriage was lawful or not but – dammit, Thomas, look at these names! Why can’t you do as I did and come with us, for fellowship!”
Thomas More: “And when we die, and you are sent to heaven for doing your conscience, and I am sent to hell for not doing mine, will you come with me, for fellowship?”
- From Robert Bolt’s play, A Man For All Seasons

And if you think the Sisters will stop there, just wait until the powers that be mandate euthanasia for the elderly or assisted suicide as a human right and they refuse to allow those things in their homes.

my take on all of this? I don't care what you do as long as you don't do it on the street and upset the horses...or as St Paul said: we don't judge sinners, only those who belong to our church.

and since Catholics went through a similar hate fest over the pill and abortion in the 1960's, it's not exactly new.

update: I apologize, but sometimes I feel paranoid.

However, even the usually mild Anchoress notes that the press has already started to tar and feather the wise Hispanic woman on the supreme court... best comment?
Sotomayor’s blow brings us to confront an uncomfortable reality. More than WASPS, Methodists, Jews, Quakers or Baptists…
Holy Crap, now she’s channeling Archie Bunker!

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