Monday, February 03, 2014

Family Life

While President Obama is touting abortion as a gift so women can persue their dreams, a small whisper comes from the counterculture:

About Time.

although it's touted about a boy getting a "girlfriend", it really isn't. It's about family.

I believe it is by the folks who gave you "Love Actually", which is also described as being about people and their "love lives"...uh, no it's not. It is about people's connections with each other, not "love life" which in today's society is usually defined as sexual connections outside of marriage when people "fall in love", which is why this Atlantic review complains it's not "romantic" and blasts it.

 Well, since the stories include confronting infidelity, a man hopelessly in love with his best friend's wife,  a girl who chooses to care for her mentally ill brother, knowing that she will never have another chance for romance,and an aging rock star who shags every girl in sight but finally realizes that the only one who truly cares for him is his gay assistant,  (and Martin Friedman in a nude scene) maybe he is right.

Romance in today's world is about one's own desires.

Which brings me to this article (via TeaAtTrianon)

 Matt Walsh argues that your life is over when you have kids.

Your life is over when you have kids.
It’s true. They were right. It’s over.
My life is over now that I have kids.
My life is over.
That thing that I called MY life. That portion of existence — that long, lonely chapter — when I lived for me, and me alone. That delusion known as my life, where I exerted, or thought I exerted, ownership over my whole self. Where I separated my life from all other lives, and lived to satisfy my whims and desires.
That’s over. That’s all over.

read the whole thing.

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