Thursday, February 20, 2014

Faraday cage to the rescue?

I'm listening to C2C on EMP's/solar flares and their danger to the electric grid.

heh. Here in the Philippines, we have to rely on typhoons to blow our electric supply and floods to destroy our computer systems

But he mentions that the reason our microwave oven doesn't fry our brain is that it has an inbuilt Faraday cage.

That takes me back awhile (to when I studied Physics in college).

from how stuff works:

As a Faraday cage distributes that charge or radiation around the cage's exterior, it cancels out electric charges or radiation within the cage's interior. In short, a Faraday cage is a hollow conductor, in which the charge remains on the external surface of the cage.

yes, that is why you are usually safe if lightning hits your plane or car (at least in the pre plexiglas days), and where the "tin foil hat" idea comes from.

more HERE

if you are surrounded with wire, you are Mythbusters shows

 one note: Make sure the cage is grounded...

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Ben Gillmore said...

Faraday cages are an awesome solution for protecting electronics from things like solar flares or a potential EMP attack. That's why I got a bunch of them from and I keep all of my extra electronics protected in them all the time.