Saturday, February 01, 2014

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The demise of high art.

I suspect the problem is that in the past, artists sought beauty, but now they see their aim to diss ordinary folks. They rejected art as a muse (a goddess, or as a way of echoing the beauty of God) and ended up with the opposite.

But the discussion about how in the past the artists had to please their rich patrons is only partly true: Soliari vs Mozart, anyone? There was lots of bad art in the past too: but the difference is the bad stuff hasn't survived so we only see the good stuff.

heads up by ponylore expert Dustbury.


factoid of the day:

Instapundit mentions Blue Hades.


PC has really really gotten absurd.


the real Tara.  headsup teaAtTrianon

and Melanie was named after Sister Melanie, who was once loved by Doc Holliday


How the San Jacinto waste pits make Texan seafood poisonous.

our stream in rural Pennsylvania was blood red from slag heap run off, and Indians in northern Minnesota were warned not to eat too much local fish because of lead pollution.

here in the Philippines, we only have to worry  about red tide...

how communities imagine themselves.

Africa and Asia has many countries that are mixtures of tribes and languages, who are now trying to make sense of their history....


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