Wednesday, February 19, 2014

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WE are the weakest link...


abuse of women and children in Afghanistan is endemic, but the leftists prefer to see them as the noble savages.

they also kill medical workers...
In the last 15 months more than 40 people associated with the polio eradication teams have been killed by the Taliban. The Islamic terrorists believe the polio vaccination is really intended to poison Moslem children, despite the fact that kids who are vaccinated do not get polio. As a result of these attacks there were 91 cases of polio in Pakistan during 2013 and 58 in 2012.

and I suspect the real number is higher:most cases don't result in paralysis, but in rural areas, the kids probably die at home after not seeing a doctor, or have mild cases and the family doesn't worry about it.

Cat item of the day at Librivox.

Dr. E at Persian paradox no longer has her job on the Tehran city council, but remains active in fighting pollution in that country. She reports on what's going on... 
including visiting Iraq on environmental matters.


not linked, but there is a report that New Jersey is salting their roads with pickle juice because the feds won't allow their salt to be shipped from Maine because of a regulation.

Better dead drivers than breaking a technicality I guess.


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