Friday, February 21, 2014

I sing the body electric...

 Are two actual people still required for a relationship? Asks Psychology today

the psychologists, being intellectuals, cite HER, a non hit film by a PC filmmaker about robosex, and of course the maid from the Jetsons (presumably they watched this before they went to universities and learned to despise popular culture).

Yet AI, by Spielberg, and I Sing The Body Electric, by Bradbury, explore the subject in more depth.

The dirty little secret is that it is not "sex robots" that will be needed, but robot caretakers, which are quickly being developed in Japan where the population is imploding while the number of frail elderly are increasing in percentage of population. Already they import lots of Pinay caretakers, but in the future, robo caretaker may be the way to go (in contrast, Europe is busy popularizing the idea to kill off their useless elderly...a contrast between Buddhist vs post christian modern utilitarianism).

And here's a factoid: What ancient book described caretaker robots?

It's the Iliad

Then from his anvil the lame artist rose;
Wide with distorted legs oblique he goes,
And stills the bellows, and (in order laid)
Locks in their chests his instruments of trade.
Then with a sponge the sooty workman dress'd
His brawny arms embrown'd, and hairy breast.
With his huge sceptre graced, and red attire,
Came halting forth the sovereign of the fire:
The monarch's steps two female forms uphold,
That moved and breathed in animated gold;
To whom was voice, and sense, and science given
Of works divine (such wonders are in heaven!)
On these supported, with unequal gait,
He reach'd the throne where pensive Thetis sate;

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