Sunday, February 02, 2014

Stuff around the net

Chano and family went to Manila to see if some organic restaurants want to buy our veggies.

Lolo is better but weak, so we didn't go to church.

I am busy surfing the net on random subjects, such as: How did folks farm in the days of Hesiod?

Google picks up all sorts of stuff when you put in a random set of words.

But here are a few random things I ran across:

The Battle of Marathon was called that because the fields were full of fennel.

Sherlock Holmes old radio programs.
(no, I have no idea why this one popped up) 

Sagas, anyone?

Horticulture history

For later reading

Don Surber's essay

Stalin's useful idiots.

Lies behind the culture.

full article link

a lot of this is obvious to those of us who live and work outside of the elite bubble chamber... especially for those of us who have experience overseas.
People in other cultures don't think the same, and don't view the world in the same way.

 Father Z has an article about an artist, Daniel Mitsui whose work includes showing the angels as Samurai. 

well, why not? although most western artists pain St. Michael as a Roman centurian, in one of Andrew Greeley 's novels he appears dressed as a Navy SEAL.

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