Wednesday, February 19, 2014

WTF articles of the day

The attack of the killer chihuahuas

Why you need to read conspiracy sites: and follow the money

The WSJ reports on John Kerry praising Maurice Strong of Canada, one of the unelected puppet masters who are behind a lot of changes but never get into the news. Follow the money...which is why THIS article makes one shudder.

Hey, the Dark Ages wasn't that bad.

actually it was: When you do economic measurements, the economy flopped because it was too unsafe to trade, and there was no law and order. And yes, slavery was bad, but so is anarchy and roaming armed thugs that steal all your food...

As the saying goes:

Heh. Zimbabwe hit the news

Chicago politician who was convicted for pedophilia, bank fraud, and possession of child pornography, who got pardoned by Clinton, was arrested for filming Porn in Zimbabwe hotels....or maybe the real problem was that he didn't pay the hotel bill.

you will be happy to learn you are now safe from dangerous Catholic terrorists:

84 year old nun sent to jail for protest against nukes.

their real crime? showing that the site had lousy security.
The three were convicted of cutting fences and entering the Y-12 National Security Complex in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, in July 2012, embarrassing U.S. officials and prompting security changes.

Muslim dress designer shows covering up can be beautiful.

Lamya is someone who has customised, or changed the way the Arab world perceives an abaya. She has steered clear of the ‘all black, and sequins at the hem’ kind of designs. Her designs have seen reflections of a unique form of traditional wear like the Indian saree, the Japanese kimono, and sometimes pantaloons, too


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