Saturday, March 01, 2014

Naughty Stuff around the net

The UK is in the midst of discovering some of their politicians supported pedophila. and incest and sex with ten year olds. 
And this is the sedate UKTelegraph: You should read the conspiracy sites...

their podcast asks: Wh;y did the 1970's become a haven of evil?

ah, but it wasn't "evil" back then: it was in the name of freedom and love.

Related item: A similar cluelessness against Africa ...and waiting in the wings to reap the rewards of this stupid policy? China.


The UK is also having a kerfuffle about immigration: well, as our relatives could tell you: They need immigrants to care for their elderly.


The Shetlands has a Viking festival, but don't look for authenticity.

One should note that DNA shows most of them do have Viking blood, making the author wonder where the original Pict inhabitents went.

That's okay: a lot of Icelanders are really Irish, thanks to all those lovely Irish gals they kidnapped as slaves and later married.

ChurchOfTheMasses reviews the movie "About Time".

I enjoyed it on many levels, but it is a bit hard to follow.

Saving Mr Banks has finally arrived in the Philippines. I enjoyed it, so go watch it.

However, of the many films for "Oscar", I really haven't seen them, except for Gravity, which I enjoyed (in 2D of course).

Captain Philips was okay but bored me, and some of the rest seem too distant from reality to care. It's like "silver lining playbook": I mean, they guy was a manipulative narcissitic bipolar mess, and the movie seemed to hint that "all he needed was a good woman" to cure him.

Maybe if he stayed on his lithium he would not be violent, but he'd still be a narcissitic manipulative bastard.

That "anti Muslim" porn film was finally removed from Youtube.

I have no problem with that, but those who support censorship should remember that the Life of Brian could be next.

the story behind the other boleyn sister.

We only know that they had a sexual relationship because of the fact that the King applied for a dispensation from the Pope in 1527 to enable him to marry Anne Boleyn and in this dispensation was listed the impediment of “affinity arising from illicit intercourse in whatever degree, even the first”.1 There was the impediment of affinity in the first degree due to Henry having slept with Anne’s sister.

having a sexual relationship meant you had a type of marriage under canon law. Of course, others hinted that Henry had a relationship with Anne's mom, and maybe even Anne B was his daughter, but this is nonsense.

On the other hand, it makes the shennanigans of Clinton et al tame.


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