Monday, March 03, 2014

Quotes of the day

From David Warren:


One hundred years after the events of 1914, we watch events in Ukraine unfolding — with grief, with a  heavy heart. Nothing has been learnt in all that time; there is no mistake that will not be repeated, by both aggressors and defenders. Men who live for power, and rule through force, cannot be taught to care for the consequences of the abuse of power; men who resist them are never prepared for the ruthlessness with which they will seize their opportunities.
the way back machines notes that both Sarah Palin and Mitt Romney were mocked when they warned about Russia...

yes, those "fearmongering" republicans.

strategytalk here.

No, I am not watching the Oscars: I'm routing for Gravity since it doesn't try to preach to me that America is rotten, but that's just me.

I mean, yes, being a slave was terrible, but at least they were fed, and not thrown off their land and allowed to starve to death, as my ancestors were.  Guilt trips are not big on those of us whose ancestors had nothing to do with slavery, and indeed had a bad time "in the old country"...


and I am waiting for the hate speech feed back from this post.

It's basic anthropology and a marxist critique of American neocolonialism, but the new progressives are busy pushing sexual freedom over child abuse.

In the UK, as I noted, there has been some pushback against those defending pedophilia but here, the same old stuff is being done in the name of gay liberation.

Most gays I know would be horrified, but never mind: they don't dare criticize. Heck, no one dares to criticize the Politically correct nonsense being pushed down in the name of civil rights.. And the bad news is that when enough of this happens, there will be pushback in many ways.

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