Monday, March 03, 2014

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Factoid of the day
StrategyPage reviews a new book about World War I peacemakers: Elusive Dove.
an excerpt:

“The Long Road to Peace” deals with efforts to end the war from 1915 through 1918....  It also covers further efforts by the Vatican, the U.S., and other nations to encourage negotiations, and takes a look at the curious, promising, but unsuccessful “Sixtus Affair,” during which Emperor-King Charles of Austria-Hungary reached out through his royal kin...
 more on the Sixtus affair here.
It might have worked if the Germans and French in power didn't cooperate because they figured they could win...

Catholic trivia: Charles of Austria Hungary is being considered as a Catholic saint, partly because of his private piety but also because he was willing to risk his throne to search for peace. Read more at Andrew Cusack's site.

TeaAtTrianon links to an article that summarizes a new book about the myth of religious violence: most of it was about nationalism and politics.

Actually if you study history, you know this (heck, even if all you read are accurate R rated historical romances like Angelique you know that some of these civil wars weren't about religion per se and had folks of different faiths fighting beside each other on both sides.)

It's Mardi Gras time! Singalong here.

No, we don't celebrate it here in the Philippines, which is strange, because we celebrate all the time.


 Freakonomics blasts the Wolf of Wall Street, for mischaracterizing those who he defrauded as super rich, whereas a lot of them were simply hard working professionals who lost their life savings. And then they blast the claim that the guy is paying part of his movie profits to those he defrauded...

Since its release, The Wolf of Wall Street has earned over $300 million worldwide, becoming Martin Scorsese’s highest-grossing film. But the producers of the film, Red Granite, may have paid as little as $125,000 to the victims’ fund—seemingly under a court order.


Guess who is worried if LaLa land turns into Lotus Land? Governor Moonbeam: many people can get stoned and still have a great state or a great nation?" he asked.


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