Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Family news

It is very hot right now. They are blaming "global warming" but it IS "tagInit", hot season, and it is usually hot and dry until the monsoon comes.

I bought a new tablet computer yesterday: My old tablet that I use mainly for music and book reading is on it's last legs, and I needed one a bit larger so I could read easier. So I got a ten inch screen Samsung...presumably I will be able to surf the net with it too, so don't need the bigger (new) laptop as much except to type my blog or download my podcasts.

My old laptop needs a new battery and since I am getting the "blue screen of death", probably another hard drive. It tends to get damaged from all the brownouts and power surges.

The two half grown kittens in the back room are getting out: they are getting out via the top window that I keep open for ventillation. So either they will learn to avoid the dogs or they will end up dead. Sigh.

The Fiesta is at the end of the month, so relatives will be arriving any time now.

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