Sunday, April 13, 2014

Family news

Hot season, so on and off brownouts messes up the internet. Ruby's router which I get in my room was full of fleas, so Chano cleaned it out and now I can post stuff from my room instead of the office or outside in the garden (sounds nice, but not when it's 90 degrees outside)

I have a new Samsung tablet 10 inch and can use it for reading books, movies, and internet stuff, but not to post on line.

No church today: Lolo wheezes outside (he is ok in the room with the aircon on, even if it's just on filter, so it may be allergy). And because of the heat and the long service, including a procession, for Palm Sunday, I didn't think I could make it without fainting in the heat either. Oh Well.

Pacquiao is fighting Bradley again so Lolo is busy watching the fight.

Ruby is having friends from church for a stay over so I am downloading classic films and Christian films for them to watch. They probably will be up all night talking, but if they get bored, they can chose between China Cries and How Green was my Valley...and if they get bored, I included Warm Bodies, about a vampire cured by falling in love. Ha.

But since she homeschools and no longer has much in common with the few kids around here, I am happy she now has a church group to go to for meeting friends.

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