Saturday, April 26, 2014

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ComeAwayWithMe blog visits the Prasadeo Mission and the parts founded by Father Serra. Lovely photos: Here is an example of the front of the mission.

and the article notes:
The first recorded planting of a vineyard was by the Jesuit Missionary Eusebio Francisco Kino at San Bruno in 1683, but since the mission at San Bruno was abandoned about a year and a half after its founding, the vineyard likely never matured or was harvested. In 1779, Franciscanmissionaries under the direction of Father Junipero Serra planted California's first sustained vineyard at Mission San Diego. Father Serra founded eight other missions before his death in 1784, these initially or eventually incorporating vineyards. Hence, he has been called the "Father of California Wine". 

Yes, I know: The good father is not considered "PC" by modern multiculturalists...but of course, any of us trying to improve the lives of people by teaching them modern ways and how to get out of dire poverty is not PC today. Of course, the PC ignore that their idea that every society should be left alone was once done: it is the idea behind apartheid in South Africa.


writer Brian Sibley links to an art book that includes lithographs of Dragons, by Ian Miller.

IanMiller's website is HERE. if you want to view his art. I'd steal an example but don't know about the copyright stuff.


TYWIKIWDBI blog has an article on the "Sundog" painting, and it's place in Swedish history.

A "sundog" is the rainbow like circle around the sun (or moon) refracted from tiny ice crystals in the clouds...and as Wikipedia notes: sometimes it makes it look like there are three suns...

At  Toxel: Honest job titles.


The "some politicians have too much time on their hands" post comes from Dave Barry:

Massachusetts moves closer to approving fluffernutter as official state sandwich

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