Friday, April 25, 2014

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So guess who has released a book on ecology?

...there is a big difference between a religion of stewardship, the allows using the environment carefully to benefit people, and the religion of ecology, Which has a Malthusian hatred of poor people.,

Quick: Do you allow mining (which results in destruction of the environment but brings jobs) or forbid it (which results in "mom-pop mining, with lots of accidents, that destroys the environment but keeps most people poor?)

The answer: neither. You allow mining with strict regulation.

However, in the third world, it's a lot cheaper to bribe regulators/politicians to ignore the laws, so the real problem is personal morality.

And here the many small Protestant churches teach hard work and honesty, (which enables them to get and hold jobs) while the Catholics tend to "love" the poor but aren't big on namecalling of crooked lots of the Catholic (rich elite) establishment prefers to trumpet "green" cliches....and of course, working to " help the poor"...(just ignore that 20 percent skimmed off the top of the funds).

I mean, you don't expect our bishop to refuse to honor the mayor here, whose father ordered the hit that killed our nephew, do you? Or stop the governor from putting in a casino that will bring more drugs and the sex trade to the area?

except of old leftie Archbishop Cruz, who once named names and was sued for libel...

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Then why does my new tablet say that adding face recognition isn't as good as a password for security, and why does it keep telling me that it can't see my eyes?

Intelligent software in the phone provides face and voice recognition.
The phone will come with a "smart stay" feature that recognizes how a user's eyes are moving when reading an e-book or browsing the Web and will adjust the screen brightness accordingly. In a demonstration video, Samsung showed how the phone's screen will go black when a user's eyes are closed.

Right. Then why does it have that face recognition thingamagiggie to unlock it?

related item: SavageMindsBlog (an anthropology blog) notes how Facebook is expanding and using our information to increase big business:

Online payment isn’t the problem. Facebook, Google, and others who monopolise and monetise our digital lives on closed centralised systems are. The financialisation of our private lives as well as unwarranted, indiscriminate, illegal, bulk surveillance flourish in these spaces where corporations and governments gain direct access to our private lives.
What we need is a social movement to demand an information commons, decentralised servers, and digital literacy along with so-called financial literacy. We don’t need to hand Facebook yet another key to our private spaces.

and remember: The NSA know what you befriend on facebook...


Is child sacrifice the way to go if you want to be rich? 

BBC report here. And yes, it happened when I was in Africa...

But I have a correction: these murderers are not "witchdoctors": They are witches.
Witchdoctors are the ones who diagnose witchcraft....

Jamie Uyes (best known for "the gods must be crazy" film) made a film about this called Dingaka. 

of course, killing children so someone can fulfill their dreams would never happen in the civilized world. /s

one of the doctors killed in Afghanistan was a FilAm pediatrician from Chicago.

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