Friday, April 04, 2014

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So, apparently the FBI can raid your home and seize your entire artifact collection without proof that any of it was stolen or obtained "illegally" and then do a "fishing expedition" to find something that was illegally obtained...and since this is a 91 year old man's long time collection, a lot of them probably were bought or collected long before all those laws forbidding such collections....

guilty until proven innocent...
I know at least two docs who have similar large collections, often bought from their patients or local vendors. Wonder how they will prove that it was legal to buy them?

Mary Beard remembers WWI and visiting cemetaries to remember those who died.

Being compassionate to those suffering from divorce is one thing, but making divorce easier will harm women and children, especially in poor countries.

 In the United States, for instance, a recent study of economic mobility for poor children in communities across the nation by Harvard economist Raj Chetty found that “the strongest and most robust predictor [of mobility] is the fraction of children with single parents.” In other words, poor children in the U.S. are much more likely to be trapped in a vicious cycle of poverty if they grow up in communities without strong two-parent families.


archeologists who fantasized peaceful Maya might change their mind: lots of skulls bashed in by wooden clubs have been found.

It's not just cow farts:

from DaveBarry's blog:

The worst mass extinction in history could have been caused by microbes having sex

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