Monday, April 14, 2014

Stuff below the fold

Belmont Club on corruption and why it is ignored by the press: fear of the mighty who are only trying to do good things so must be given a pass. /s

part of it is about the pedophile scandals in the UK Labour party.
Best quote:
Harman’s answer in the video was ‘My job was to protect human rights. How could I have known that the Pedophile Information Exchange represented pedophiles’?
The UKMail summarizes the scandal of using the tax laws to stop conservative groups from raising money.


the next scandal: Teachers preying on students?

a lot of them seem to be women...wonder if there is a cover up of male predators, or if fear of feminist students reporting them makes them more cautious.

Father L notes that the "jesus wife" parchment is being spun by the press, and notes the academic arguments are a bit more subtle. The carbon dating of the parchment is 700 AD, but the writings suggest a 4th century gnostic sect commentary on the gospel.


Top Gun manuveurs help flies from being swatted.

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