Friday, April 04, 2014

The Saudi war against a free Iraq

The MSM blamed all those deaths in Iraq on Bush, yet this note from StrategyPage shows something was going on that was ignored by the MSM:

Saudi Arabia was saved from worse trouble with local terrorists by the growing (after 2003) violence in Iraq between the Sunni Arab minority, and the Shia majority. This attracted many Saudi fanatics, and greatly depleted the number of al Qaeda backers inside Saudi Arabia. Over 5,000 Saudi Islamic radicals are believed to have died in Iraq. From 2003-7, up to half the suicide bombers were Saudis, and about half the foreigners held in U.S. military prisons in Iraq were Saudis. Back in 2007, American intelligence believed about 45 percent of the foreign fighters (less than ten percent of all terrorists there) were Saudis. The next largest group was Syrians and Lebanese (15 percent), followed by North Africans (10 percent). The other 30 percent were from all over, including Europe.

which may explain why the Iraqis are friendlier with their fellow Shiites in Iran than their fellow Arabs who are funding and supplying soldiers to kill them.

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