Friday, May 02, 2014

Family news

Fiesta day.

We went to the family's party. Lechon and lots of food.

I talked to Chona a bit, and she's going home next week.  Emie is retired now, as is Florinda, so they will divide their time between here and the family in the USA. Doy and family didn't make it in from the UK.

We missed the last party after being stuck in a traffic jam for over an hour (the main street had a parade, and there was no way to pass through).So I turned around and came home.

This time, we were so late that they sent a car for us.

Actually, I had just taken a shower and was ready to get Lolo up when one of Lolo's old friends came to visit... he was delighted and talked for almsost an hour. I haven't seen him talk so much for months: He can hardly hear and the hearing aid doesn't help much. I was happy to see him happy.

It's very hot, and at night we leave on the airconditioner until it cools off. Because of the fireworks and firecrackers, George, our killer Labrador, is hiding in the room with us.

Luckily Binky, the mangy half bad dog from the farm, and the three small white dogs are outside keeping us safe.

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