Tuesday, May 20, 2014


Rolling brownouts and internet outages for the weekend.

I turn off the laptop ( because the battery is no good) when there brownouts, but I can use my newer tablet when the internet runs since it's battery life is six hours. Ruby is using the new laptop for now since hers got destroyed in the truck when they got caught in a flood during the typhoon.

Lolo is fine, but I am keeping him in the room most of the day because of the heat. Usually we get a thunderstorm and brownout late in the afternoon, and that helps the heat. The dams that supply hydroelectric to the Manila area and our area are very low in water, and the monsoon is due any time now (we hope).

We had a party last weekend for one of the grandneice's 13th birthday. Like our granddaughter Madeline, she is tall and husky: if Rubenesque beauties come back in style, we're set. Ruby however takes after her mom, not the Reyes half, so is small and petit.

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