Saturday, May 03, 2014

Fire Breathing trivia

Smaug in Hobbit 3 will be a lean, mean killing machine.

Ah, but would an Apache helicopter win if they went head to head?
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Assuming we are using movie Smaug: The Apache has the advantage of much greater sensor and weapons range. Smaug is pretty big and must have a huge radar signature - when he leaves the Lonely Mountain. As a bolt from a siege crossbow was able to dislodge a scale from Smaug, it is reasonable to assume that the 30mm chaingun or Air-to-Air missiles can do the same or worse. Therefore, if the Apache manages to detect Smaug from a sufficient distance and is able to use the weapons range, it will win. Smaug, on the other hand, is a lot more nimble (remember the scene where he shook of the gold?). If he comes within the range of his breath weapon, he has the advantage.


via Improbable Research: the medical dangers of fire breathing:

The potential injuries are described by Dr. Sanjay Saraf, from the Department of Plastic Surgery, NMC Specialty Hospital, Dubai, UAE, in a 2012 article for Indian Dermatology Online J. 2012 Jan-Apr; 3(1): 73–74. “There are several immediate and long-term health hazards associated with fire-breathing act. Burns are the most obvious fire-breathing danger; however, there could be facial hair loss, ingestional toxicity, cutaneous irritation, peptic ulcers, fire-eater’s pneumonia (hydrocarbon pneumonitis/chemical pneumonia),[3,4] inhalational injuries, and Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome.“ See: ‘Fire-breathing burn’ BONUS: Fire-breathers looking for a safe(r) non-toxic alternative (using corn starch) can check this video >   - See more at:
and to do it safely: Try Argo starch.

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