Saturday, May 31, 2014

non literal bible interpretations? We haz that

Father L points out why Catholics shrug when hit by the strawman arguments about literal Bible quotes.

The point being that all Christians do not take the Bible literally. They pick and choose what they believe and obey in the Bible. Catholics do too, it’s just that we acknowledge the fact and have a reliable authority to help us discern the way forward and interpret the Bible correctly.

Catholics (and Orthodox) Christians actually predate the Bible; in Acts, it is related how Christians decided not to follow all those petty rules which Jesus often criticized because the rules became more important than compassion and an actual change of heart.

The Pope is trying to point out the same thing, but the sociopaths who want to form their own NWO utopias, be they Calvin's Geneva, the French revolution, Hitler, or Mao's Great leap forward or the present whisperings at Davos or the UN

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