Friday, May 09, 2014

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Tick Tick Tick Tick:

Saudi has diagnosed 32 more cases of MERS.

Of the new Saudi cases, 11 were in Jeddah, 14 in the capital Riyadh, onite in Najran and one in Taif. There were four new cases in Medina and one in Mecca,,, Cases have also been reported in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Jordan, United Arab Emirates, Malaysia, Oman, Tunisia, France, Germany, Spain, Italy and Britain.   Reuters

The elites plans to make you live a peaceful "green lifestyle" like your ancestors is now on line.

hey it was written by "experts" so don't dare question them. Instead bow down to your unelected masters.


A hundred full time leftists get the headlines, and Canadian women protesting cheap protein for street kids by parading naked in front of them will always get on the front pates here,  but Iglesia meetings can shut down all the traffic Manila, (as can the Nazarene procession) but won't get a peep in the MSM.


Death panels: They didn't start with Obamacare: It's the bioethics "revolution" stupid.

Autistic kid dies of untreated pneumonia after an "ethics" panel pressures the parents to go along with not treating him.

Ethics committees are a prevalent means of giving the illusion of due process in health care decision-making by hospitals and other facilities.  Yet there are virtually no accepted standards for ethics committee composition, procedures or decision-making guidelines.  In some states, these committees have the authority to determine whether life-sustaining treatment can be withdrawn against the will of the person or their surrogate decision maker, often making determinations based on the degree of disability and perceived quality of life.
 I'm reading Dean Koontz, one of the few writers who dare to place what is going on in the subplot of some of his books "one door away from heaven"...His Frankenstein series is about genetic manipulation.


Instapundit notes a minor kerfuffle as some folks note people dying while waiting for their VA appointments.

Yeah: and wait til they see how the IHS rationed health care. Been there, done that...

Can a mother forget the child of her womb?

LINK:Egypt Centre curator Carolyn Graves-Brown said: "It is sometimes claimed that because there were so many deaths of young children, as well as miscarriages, in the ancient world, that the ancients became hardened to such tragedies. However, it is clear from the fact that foetuses and infants were buried with care, that such losses were not treated casually.
"We can imagine that the probable foetus represents someone's terrible loss; an occasion of great grief and public mourning."

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I'm not sure if this is good news or bad news: StrategyPage discussing Islamic terrorists who kill other Islamic terrorists in various war torn countries of the Middle East.


Local news:

Another shooting in the city, supposedly between body guards. Can't find a link..

And the local shrine's 50 year anniversary has a facebook page, if you want to see nice photos of where we live.

yup. the Knights of Columbus were there:

heh. Cellphones all over the place:

photos: Ramon Valmonte.

no, I didn't go: Lolo's having trouble breathing in the heat, and I tend to faint in the heat, so we stayed home except for eating at parties.

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