Tuesday, May 27, 2014

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with rolling brownouts and internet/cable outages, these are bookmarked for later reading: (I usually download them to transfer read them later on my tablet)

BoingBoing has an article on John Howe.

Jackson, instead of reinventing the wheel, asked two artists who had painted middle earth for book covers etc. to come help him with the designs.


In our prayers: The terrible flooding in the Balkans.
To make things worse, the landmines are moving/ and now the danger is worse.


right wing anti immigrant victories in Europe are a "good news/bad news" story

They are showing the EU that some folks don't like their un-elected masters.

But it also means they don't like our relatives immigrating there. Fine. Get your own folks off of welfare and put them to work.

It's being compared to the teaparty in the US, but the core of the teaparty are the fiscal restraint libertarians: the press usually ignores this to cherry pick idiots to paint them as bigots.


The mistreatment of migrant workers (or even their existance) is a story few know.
A Kerala (India) TV show now highlights those OFW who went missing: Mainly women who were diverted into the sex industry and often restrained from fleeing or too ashamed to contact their families.

and I know there are at least two million Pinoys in the area, but I wasn't aware that:

An estimated three million Keralans work in the Gulf states.


heh. I missed it: World Donkey day was May 8

There are over 44 million donkeys worldwide. With over half of them are in Asia, and the remaining are sort of split between Africa and South America. Most are working donkeys, assisting poor families as their means of transportation and source of income. It is estimated that up to 20 people can be dependent on one working equine in some impoverished countries. As pack animals, donkeys are reliable and strong. They are suited for pulling plows, pulling carts, hauling water and supplies, and are cheaper than oxen or horses. They are drought tolerant and perfect for developing countries' climates.

No we don't use them here (carts are pulled by gentle water buffalos or, nowadays, by handplow motors or motorcycles)


when little things mess up your propaganda presentationn:

The Diplomad remembers dissing the Russians by catching a fake rabbi.


trivia for today: The Battle of Mabila Alabama.

Ancient American textiles.

This article claims that the techniques are ancient (date back 30thousand years) and may have been brought with the Clovis migration
history of textiles link


this is not a joke:

Jim Carey gave a commencement speech at

the Maharishi University school of Management in Fairfield, Iowa this weekend.

yes, and the rich Saudis fund think tanks at Georgetown and the University of Arkansas. -------------------

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