Sunday, May 25, 2014

Stuff for later reading

What the latest film on Pompeii gets wrong.

No I haven't seen the film (it hasn't come here yet, and with Mt Pinatubo, Mayon Volcano etc. within spitting range of Manila, who needs fiction?)

Hieropraxis has a series on the evolution debate: She points out the nuances, and that often the creationist stuff is a strawman debate by materialists who demand limited evidence.


Writer Brian Sibley discusses the films of Frank Capra and includes a link to one of his BBC discussions.


Drudge reports another shooting by a paranoid schizophrenic whose parents warned the police.

The problem is trying to get such people hospitalized: It's almost impossible, and of course the police can't put you in jail for simple threats, even when the threats are violent (e.g. throwing stones, wandering around at night shouting, threatening parents and family with a gun).



and dave Barry asks: Does that include laughter?
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