Saturday, May 31, 2014

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I haven't written on BNN for awhile, mainly because the brownouts mess up the internet connection and I tended to post there later in the afternoon. Also the fact my laptop only works when plugged in (And crashes if there is a brownout or if the cat plays with the wire) But over at my medical blog:


MomJones article on nanoparticles, which have been introduced into a lot of stuff without checking if they can cause problems.

bad science study of the day

Anti psychotic medicines increase diabetes in pregnancy.

Well, actually most older antipsychotics result in obesity (either by increasing appetite or by slowing down movement because they induce mild parkinsonian side effects and slow the general thinking/acting/moving of the patient).

I see fat people

LATimes laments 2.1 billion people are fat.

blame modern agriculture, the green revolution, and of course, the fact that modern capitalism spreads wealth.

Trying to stop the psychotic

killing by the psychotic delusional paranoids who can't be stopped due to laws

Who needs death panels when the doctor will do it for you?

NotDeadYet discusses when docs try to override caretaker's wishes to give ORDINARY treatment to the disabled.


BBC article on Rabies. for later reading.

MERS in the US: DUH

so one of the Americans who treated MERS patients in Saudi got flu like symptoms and sat in the ER for 8 hours before admitted.

And NOW they will be screening at airports, as they have been doing for over a week here since a suspected case arrived here back then.

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