Saturday, May 31, 2014


there are ongoing investigations into corruption here: Somebody tried to erase files that proved corruption. And when caught, he pleaded:
1 they weren't deleted
2 I didn't delete them
3 well, maybe they weren't deleted deliberately but accidentally
4 the files are not evidence
5 the files even if they are evidence were only notes, not requests
6 even if the files contain evidence of fraud, they shouldn't be allowed in court.
7 The fact that they were deleted proves I am innocent because I am not so stupid not to know they can be undeleted.

The Inquirer notes:

Deleted entries
Asked about it, Baligod could not say who deleted the entries from Luy’s files.
He said that if it was true that entries had been deleted from the files, the deletion could have been “inadvertent.”
“It could be me, Benhur or the NBI, in the process of summarizing the contents of the voluminous files,” Baligod said.
Impossible to delete
He said it was impossible that someone deleted those files expecting them never to be retrieved.
“Anyone who has a knowledge of computers knows that even if you delete a file, particularly in this case, it will remain there and can be retrieved by a special software,” Baligod said.  “If files were really deleted, it was just carelessness.”

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oh yes: The Inqurer was allowed to copy the hard drive just in case someone tried to tamper with evidence.

update: that old leftie Archbishop Crus (ret) sardonically reminds these politicians Thou Shalt Not Steal.
and he reminds the bishops/priests to stop taking money from crooked politicians.

I've told the story before about the mayor behind our nephew's murder sitting in front of church for the fiesta (the place of honor) and when our niece Chona took up her donation, she shook her fist in his face and shouted "you...YOU!".

true at the time, he hadn't been indicted, but everyone knew he was the one who ordered the hit (indeed, our nephew had been warned week before the by his sister not to associate with his friend, the son of the target, who was running against the mayor)

That is why the US commentators, even the "catholic" ones get the Pope's pronunciations on crony capitalism wrong: it's not about honest businessmen, but about corruption.

But here in the Philippines, it is the Protestants who emphasize honesty and hard work, traits that will help the poor get jobs and the middle class to start businesses,  and the catholics stress charity for the poor with the implication that a few thousand pesos to the church will get God to forgive the fact that you took bribes to start casinos, diverted aid money from the fertilizer fund for the poor farmers, etc...

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