Monday, June 02, 2014

Comments on the news

Cleaning day, so I'll be busy.

My comments/rants on the news.

Obama's giving high profile terrorists for a POW has sent a message that if you kidnap a yank, you can profit.

Here in the Philippines, the rule is no ransom (although Italy and locals usually pay them off) and the terrorists know that if they kidnap a yank, they risk having their camps raided by the Pinoy armed forces, with help from the yanks.

That ups my chance of being kidnapped, although here the NPA are pretty well quiet and the exNPA who kidnap for money were caught (probably other groups around though).

Thanks, Obama. Which is why when I shop I usually travel with my cook or maid: no, they can't fight much but they are related to half the tricycle drivers in town, so know who to hire.

similarly, the VA kerfuffle has scapegoated the head of the department, but the problems with the VA are twofold: one, a bureaucracy that puts rule following over patient care, and two lack of money and enough personnel (and when you follow rules to hire, it takes forever to hire someone to fill the empty slot: meaning most docs, at least, will find a job elsewhere. I mean, who has enough money to sit and wait six months to be hired?

this is TiaMaria, with her son my cousing John, in case you are wondering who sends me the "kitty emails that go around the world". She just turned 80.

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