Saturday, June 14, 2014

Family news

With the onset of Monsoon season, it's a little cooler, and Lolo has more energy.

So yesterday we went to the lawyers for him to sign a waiver so I can get my pension. Afterward, we went to Waltermart to eat at McDonalds. Yes, not a big deal, you say? Well, they are clean and fast and the burgers are the same as in the USA (although they also sell rice instead of fries on some meals, and have spaghetti meals).

Lots of deliveries in Manila, so we are short of help. Luckily, we now have a little man pushing a large bin who collects our trash every morning, so we don't have to haul it up to the county dump or even to the dump near the Palenke. When I see him, I give him 20 pesos (about fifty cents), and sometimes he will clean out the trashcans if I ask him to do it.

Ruby is busy with school, and her church is putting on an extension so on holidays (e.g. Independence day last Thursday) the kids are there helping build it.

The pastor is a good guy, but I worry because it's pentecostal and don't want too much religious influence...but luckily their religion is singing and dancing for the Lord, and one in awhile speaking in tongues. Nothing hard like helping care for the poor or cleaning up the house or helping Lolo. Those things are left to the help all of whom are non believers like me (read Catholics who think doing a good days' work and caring for family is more important than speaking in tongues or sprouting bible verses, or even not stealing little things from their rich employers).

Yes, three hail marys for me for being snotty.

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