Thursday, June 19, 2014

Family news

Today is house cleaning day.
The kittens are starting to eat, so more sleep for me at night maybe tonite.

And this morning, before I ate, (i.e. while getting a low blood sugar)  I fed the dogs, the cats, the kittens, and then the fish...and accidentally spilled a ton of fish food into the pond, which we then had to remove as much as possible. I had a dream last week that the koi were dying off, so I hope they don't eat too much and pass to the great koi pond in the sky.


Yesterday I went with Ruby to see The Fault etc. movie. No, it's not "love story" remade, it's more like Anne Frank: Teenagers knowing that they may die at any time chose to concentrate on living not the fact that they are dying. But my two complaints: Like seeking a friend for the end of the world, there is only a vague deism in the face of death by very normal good people

and Gus is just too good to be true, although the Isaac character suggests that is because he is only showing his good side to Hazel.

Warning: a three handkerchief movie.

Oh well. It beats transformers.

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