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 Sharyl Attkisson: Full Disclosure: Did Government’s Experiment on Preemies Hide Risks? “They were misled to believe everything being done was in the ‘standard of care’ and therefore posed no predictable risk to the babies. . . . Normally, medical personnel constantly adjust oxygen as preemies’ conditions change, based on their individual needs. But the SUPPORT study was designed to keep infants in their randomly assigned range, despite a baby’s individual needs. And in a decision that one government source says shocked seasoned researchers when they learned of it, the babies’ oxygen monitors intentionally were altered to provide false readings. The reason: so medical staff wouldn’t be tempted to adjust oxygen out of the babies’ study-assigned range.”

this is similar to the Oklahoma city "meningomyelocoel" study, where some parents were advised against life saving treatment, or the Tuskeegee study. Most of those kids were AfroAmericans also. But it's not just with Blacks: The RedLake  strep study involved the Objibwe that proved something docs already knew: That the strep impetigo (common because of a common genetic skin disease in the tribe) caused kidney disease (Acute GN).

Concerning oxygen: Of course, sometimes even the best treatment is bad: When they realized oxygen to premies caused blindness, (e.g. Stevie Wonder) the cut down the oxygen...but in the days before good oxygen monitors, that meant more kids ended up retarded from accidental (not deliberate).

in the "good old days", one could argue that such things happened, but now that oxygen monitors are so cheap that even my GP when I lived in rural New Mexico could check my oxygen level during an acute asthma attack, such things are unethical

Which  is why minorities won't sign "Do not resusitate" orders or papers instructing that they shouldn't be treated. Yes, they might decline extraordinary treatment but the point is that they just don't trust the medical establishment.

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