Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Stories below the fold

 The backstory of what's going on in Iraq can be found on StrategyPage, 

summary: A mile wide and an inch deep. They won't win because both the Saudis and the Iranians will help defeat them. The American policy is mainly to stop the Shiites from ethnic cleansing to drain the swamp (the innocent Sunni civilians). And many of the fighters are non Iraqis, mainly from Saudi.

one of the few places that actually note the malignant strain in Islam that is being pushed via Saudi "Charity" money". And one of the few sites that actually reports on the corrosive effect of corruption.


Professor Mary Beard has a new book, this one on Greece. I doubt I can afford the book, but usually they make miniseries on her stuff.


Peter Burger has a long analysis of China's Christian problem.


Epilog has an article on "weird Ice Cream flavors" now available in the US. Some of the flavors originated in Japan: Altogether now: WASABI


Is BPA making you fat? MomJones says uh oh: other plastics do it too.

and it's not just plastic bottles.


Mummies of folks who died from the Plague of Cyprian have been found in Egypt\\ 

Known as the “Plague of Cyprian,” the series of epidemics, thought to be some form of smallpox or measles, is credited with weakening the Roman Empire and hastening its fall,

3D printing of human organs? BBC Horizon has a series of short reports.


IRS Scadal emails were "lost" when the computer crashed?

This is as obvious a lie as Nixon's 18 minute gap...but don't expect the press to notice.


 From Wired: Ten fun facts about seapigs.

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