Tuesday, June 03, 2014

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MariaElena of TeaAtTrianon has a new book being released.


“Elena Maria Vidal’s latest book, The Paradise Tree, is the fictionalized true story of the author’s devoutly Catholic ancestors who immigrated to Canada from Ireland.
she also has Pinoy roots...


Eight videos about Beowulf.

all lectures.

The necessity of music. I want to argue that everything we put into our minds, whether we are talking about music, television, movies, books, etc., matters. These things matter because they shape our attitude toward God and reality.

Yes, ordinary people want the arts in their schools. I remember when the elite school board of our small impoverished coal town decided to cut the art teacher, and 200 plus coal miners and their wives protested. One rugged miner told how he still loves making pictures (a part time artist) thanks to the teacher. However, they lost: and to make things worse, the local newspaper dissed them by saying only 200 attended, even though the meeting room only held 100 people and some of us left due to the hot, crowded room, which was packed in the aisles.

Even the turn against liberal arts gets it wrong: A true liberal arts education teaches you to think and recognize how peoples and societies work (which is why China's civil service was based on examinations on Confucian works). The problem is that colleges instead teach cliches and propaganda, so often no one wants to hire these puffed up know it alls.


Brian Sibley has a post on food photography that looks like classic Still life paintings. Go take a look.


DavidWarren's essay is about the replacement of the moral order based on Christian ethic and English common law (i.e. traditional Germanic and Roman ideas) with nothing.

“Are Non-Theocratic Regimes Possible?” by Rémi Brague. Here we get to the crux of the matter. There will always be a theocratic order, even if it is an “atheocratic” pastiche. The question is not “whether we should have a theocracy or not,” as the progressives say — defining their own atheocratic order falsely as a non-theocratic order, when it is as arbitrary as any theocratic order the world ever endured. Rather: Which theocratic order should it be? (Shariah? Rabbinical, perhaps? Lamaist? Shinto? Lutheran? Calvinist? Marxist? Feminist? Gaian? Catholic?)... you can’t have everything. You have to choose one, to be morally coherent; or if you choose “none,” … someone else chooses for you.
Translation: Get rid of those old fashioned laws, and you end up with the non elected experts (i.e. bioethicists, the courts) telling you what to do.


Mother jones remembers the Bhophal disaster.

 In 2010, the disaster site still contained 425 tons of uncleared waste. An estimated 120,000 to 150,000 survivors still struggle with serious medical conditions including nerve damage, growth problems, gynecological disorders, respiratory issues, birth defects, and elevated rates of cancer and tuberculosis, explains Colin Toogood, spokesperson for the Bhopal Medical Appeal, which runs free health clinics for survivors. And tens of thousands of families continue to rely on heavily contaminated water from around the abandoned factory.

one needs to remember that this happened when someone wasn't careful. THAT is the reason I hesitate to want Nuclear Power: We have a plant in Bataan that could easily be put on line, but it was built on an earthquake fault and too many worry that someone will make a mistake and ruin Luzon. You know: like three mile island or Chernobyl?


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