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Instapundit reports that the Pope has upset the cat ladies at the daily beast, whose editor once wrote she loved NYC because she didn't have to meet any Christians (just ignore the butcher, the baker, the cop on the beat, the fireman, your maid, and the local nannies and nurses. Of course, the taxi driver is probably Muslim so you're safe there).

Yes, it's all about me me me, and the feministas are upset that he pointed this out.


Ryan's classic book and DDay film The Longest Day, got the Pointe de Huc part wrong, implying that there were no guns there so it was a useless attack,  but Reagan reminded people of the Ranger's heroism. Austin Bay has details of  why Ryan's gaff overlooked something very important.

Even if allied bombing raids and naval gunfire eliminated the big guns, professional soldiers understood that Pointe du Hoc was decisive operational terrain. German mobile artillery might occupy the position after the pre-invasion bombardment lifted. Allied and German planners also identified the hard-surfaced road cutting across the plateau's southern base as a vital communications and high-speed movement route for German forces operating on the exposed flanks of the beach zones.
On June 6, 1944, Pointe du Hoc had to be taken, and it then had to be held — denied to German counter-attackers — until relief forces arrived.
Always keep the high ground. Which is why knowing the geography of  Little Round Top and the Golan heights is important.

this article has more on Hitler's Atlantic wall.

Ianthe Ruthven
The German gun battery at Pointe du Hoc, midway between the D-Day beaches Utah and Omaha


Related item: Veteran escapes his nursing home to attend the ceremony.

and the BBC reports on body language of the VIPs, with all the talking points intact, but the French tweetosphere is aghast.


Nitrogen facts. It's the latest global warming threat.


The Rohingya crisis. an epidemic waiting to happen.
Refugees in a land where they have lived for 200 plus years.

Aid workers have been attacked.

China is the main backer of the Burmese dictators, and it is unusual that they left reporters in to see what's going on.
On the other hand, conditions are not as bad as other places in the world.


Ten ways to swat a fly.

One way: spray window cleaner. or use a chopstick (/s)


Google ignored D Day.
Yes, they tend to ignore most "controversial" stuff, like Easter (at least since 2000), Christmas (as opposed to a generic "holiday", Memorial day... more here


the dark side of Yodel valley.

it's not just the Pope and Miley Cyrus:

The CIA joins Twitter and Facebook.

update: From Dustbury:

We can neither confirm nor deny that this is our first tweet.

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