Friday, June 13, 2014

Stuff below the fold

Plough magazine is back.


Snide remark of the day (From Anne Althouse):

Samantha Power lets slip the hashtags of war.

presumably hashtags are the civilized way of confronting warmongers, replacing that Nasty letter (see Team America World Police).


Brian Sibley has several posts on Ray Bradbury, and links to his short stories on the BBC to download.


Spiked has a book review on UKIP's rise as a grassroots revolt against the elites.

just as this social stratum has come to dominate British public life, to fill public space with its sense of progressive self-righteousness, so other sections of society, from older generations of Britain’s working class to shire Tories, have experienced a shutting out, a quick-quick-slow assault on their values, attitudes and experiences... And not only do they feel under cultural attack, not only do they feel that even raising the issue of immigration, for example, is ‘politically incorrect’, not only do they feel that they are constantly being told that their values and beliefs are wrong, or backward; politically they have no representation, no voice.
Sounds like the problems of the working class Reagan democrats, who are no longer welcome in the Democratic party: Which is why demonizing the republicans is their only hope of keeping us voting correctly.


It's not just the NSA: Google takes over the world.

did I tell you that our house is easy to find on Google Earth? Just look up the city square...


Antarctic ice melt might be due to volcanic activity.


the WAGD post of the day: blame bird flu links here.


for your eating pleasure: Chocolate chip cookie recipes.


YUM! deviled ostich eggs...

actually, Chano knows a local farmer who raises ostriches for food and eggs.

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