Tuesday, June 03, 2014

was ransomed soldier a CIA agent?

Lots of complaints about the ransomed soldier being a deserter and traitor, including complaints by the CIA.

So either Obama is a complete incompetent, or the soldier "deserted" to place a spy among the Taliban.

Remember how Clinton's actions as a student in Europe was ignored (leading anti war demonstrations, not attending class, visiting Russia/Eastern Europe paid for by a communist organization)? Want to bet he (like others in the anti war movement) were on the Cia payroll.
So I wonder if this is the same here.

And given that the Benghazi coverup was to hide the CIA there hunting bad guys and that the US was funneling captured weapons to Syria rebels via Turkey, (which is why Romney didn't make a fuss about it) one wonders about this "gaffe".

Of course, incompetence is rife in the Obama administration so maybe he's just stupid.

update: When NPR quotes the CIA, my poop detecter goes into high gear...--


update 2 others wonder too.

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