Friday, July 11, 2014

Entertainment stuff

The next Mythgard course is on Dune.

No, I probably won't listen: I read Dune as a teen and thought  it was boring and trying to say drug taking was okay/good for you. Since I was busy studying hard and working part time, I had little sympathy for the (rich kid) hippie culture it seemed to be glorifying (but presumably I missed something and should re read of these days).


Australian judge says incest is okay, since the only problem is malformed kids, and after all those kids could be aborted.

Presumably he missed the point that the guy involved in the case raped his sister at age 11. The incest taboo has more to do with interfamily trust than with malformed babies (although the Spanish Hapsburgs and the high rate of malformations in Saudis who marry cousins suggest that that too is a problem).
Indeed, pseudo incest, where mom's boyfriend hits on her daughter, is not unknown. Indeed, it is one reason I refuse to watch Woody Allen movies.

related item: Pedophilia chic is reemerging in British academia.
It has nothing to do with those pedophile politicians, of course.


Spengler writes: Sunny with light missile cover.

Joy received news of the latest missile strikes on Israel on her cellphone prayer alert, so someone is worried. Of course, these strikes have been going on for awhile, but the PC press will mainly "condemn" Israel when they go to take out those missiles.


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