Sunday, July 20, 2014

Family news

I was feeling better, and it is now cooler out. So about 5 pm Lolo decided to go to a restaurant just to get out of the house.

The problem? It was payday at the farm, so Chano and Joy were there until at least 7 pm, which meant a restaurant would mean waiting for them to shower etc.

So he was so eager to go I suggested a tricycle, and voila, we went to the nice restaurant about a mile outside of town...only to find it was closed for a wedding. So back into the tricycle and back into town to go to Luz restaurant, a local favorite with buffet and a la carte Filipino specialties that is four blocks from our house...DUH.

So he had karekare beef, and I had baked Bangus Belly with butter (milkfish) , plus veggies. And rice, of course.

We then bought halo halo to take home for dessert and the waiter said they had fresh NY style blueberry cheese cake, so I bought a piece of that too.

HaloHalo is shaved ice with sweetened coconut milk and various sweet fruit/beans/ubo/jelly etc. mixed with it. Luz has the best Halo halo in town, since a lot of places just mix jelly balls and pretend it's okay.

Then we came home and ate the halo halo, and gave the cheesecake and a second halo halo to Ruby, who came home from her church practice early and was waiting for her parents to arrive to eat.

For non Filipinos, the tricycle is a motorcycle with a small sidecar capsule who is the local taxi. Our cook Dita's late husband and several of her sons and relatives drive them, so she found a relative to be our taxi driver for the evening, and I made sure he was tipped quite well. Because of security reasons, we have to be careful if we travel around: The local kidnappers have been caught but every once in awhile there is a violent robbery or shooting, and although there are a few old white guys around, I'm the only white lady in town (read: $$$) so a target.

Of course, all night I had indigestion and my ribs started to hurt again, but aside from that it was a good "Date" with my snuggles.

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