Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Family news

My old computer won't start (it's a problem with a bum battery and electrical connection) so I borrowed my new one back from Ruby. I bought it on sale and found out why it was so cheap: To little memory. Now that I have had it six months, and don't care about the warranty, I took it to upgrade the memory from 2 to 8 gb, and it works great.

Yes, I should have done that awhile back, but I try to budget my large buys, and there are a lot of things we need. This month I got a quarterly payment from my IRA so used it for "luxuries" like a new chain for my medal (which keeps breaking), and now the computer. I planned to spend the extra money on clothing but couldn't find any "unmentionables" that fit me, even in Manila. Guess they don't have many "full figured gals" (as Jane Russell used to say) in the Philippines.

It's been raining due to typhoon Henry, which luckily is north of here, so no winds. That means it's cooler too.
Chano and Joy are busy doing their thing.

My cracked rib is feeling better unless I lift something or move the wrong way, and I am eating okay now too.

Lolo is fine and in good shape. I've been neglecting him due to the cracked rib, which is why we went to the restaurant last week (see earlier post).

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