Saturday, July 26, 2014

Family news

Chano and Joy are busy with deliveries etc.

My cracked rib was getting better but yesterday I moved wrong and ended up having to rest again, so Ruby picked up Lolo's medicines at the drug store.

The black cats have started coming through the window to sleep in the bed with Lolo. Papa dog chased them, and they jumped up on the chest of drawers, and knocked down a statue of Mama belonged to Lolo's mother, so we're upset about it.

I have started pasting the pieces together, but a lot of them are so small that I doubt it will work: I'll buy a new one at church Sunday.

The cats also knocked over the lamp...of course, it's a newfangled lamp, meaning mercury contamination. The next lightbulb up there will be old fashioned or LED, just in case.

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