Thursday, July 24, 2014

Podcast of the month

If you are tired of book podcasts that concentrate on "belly button gazing" type books, then try New Books in History podcast LINK

this week's episode is about the forced resettlement of thousands of Germans after World War II,

when the Palestinians cry they lost their land, remember they aren't the only ones: it's just that they are propagandized to hate and want their land back so that local Arab dictators can focus the hatred of their own people to an outside enemy.

 and there are other podcasts, such as this on on the pirates of the East Philippine Sea, that give the background of China's sealane grab of our offshore areas.

speaking of China: Drudge has some links about bad meat in Chinese McDonalds etc.
Sounds like the milk scandal of two years ago: The company deliberately delivered sub-quality meat to make a profit.
Here in the Philippines, much of the "cheap" things we buy fall apart quickly, so you have to be careful. If you can afford things labled "Korean made" or American made, they cost more but are worth it...the problem? You don't know if the company is accidentally or deliberatly selling counterfeit (falsely labeled) items.

oh yes: Bellybutton gazing books are reviewed HERE, although I should note that some of their non fiction books don't fit that description.
Shakespeare does starwars, anyone?

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